Sunday, September 24, 2017


– Bad Machinery: The Case of the Lonely One by John Allison, pg. 110

Sunday, September 17, 2017

If power were horses...

   Stupid things they say: If it were in my power, I would never permit this or that.
   It's possible, if the power was given to you now, miraculously. But if you'd grown up enclosed in your power, slave of your power, you'd be on the side of the ones who do the beating.

— Diary of Andrés Fava, by Julio Cortázar, pg. 46

Critical reading

One afternoon I was reading The Brothers Karamazov, and idly wondering which brother I'd like to fuck, Dimitri or Ivan, when the phone rang.

— Conversations with Stalin, by Elanor Antin, pg. 111


And if we live, we live to tread on kings.

— Henry IV, Part I by Shakespeare