Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What happens at Sizzler stays at Sizzler...

“It is within my financial power to buy that place [Weight Watchers across the street], and to fill it with steaks, fill it with red steak, all of which I would and will eat. The door would under this scenario be jammed with a gnawed bone; not a single little smug psalm-singing baggy-skinned apostate from the cause of adiposity would be able to enter. They would pound on the door, pound. But the bone would hold. They’d lack the bulk to burst through. Their mouths and eyes would be wide as they pressed against the glass. I would demolish, physically crush the huge scale at the end of the brightly lit nave at the back of the place under a weight of food, The springs would jut out. Jut. What a delicious series of thoughts. May I see a wine list?”
-man trying to order 9 steaks in "The Broom of the System" by David Foster Wallace

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